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The Autistic Me Podcast

The Autistic Me blog launched in 2007. This podcast extends the blog and allows us to reach a wider audience. Episodes often feature autistic guests, speaking about their life experiences. 

Feb 9, 2019

I am not a success. I am not an academic inspiration story.

I could write a book about my experiences as a student and educator. I’ve started just such a project several times, and each time I’ve decided it isn’t helpful since it is one failure after another. There’s a lot more to say than what follows, but it’s enough to remind people that education is no better than any other path for an autistic individual.

I’d argue education is difficult for any disabled person. Higher education is particularly uninviting and unsupportive.

The assumption is that because I have completed various degree programs, I must have mastered how to succeed in higher education. The reality is more complex. Yes, I do have two terminal degrees, a doctorate and a master of fine arts, but the journey towards those degrees was fraught with academic and social failures.

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