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The Autistic Me blog launched in 2007. This podcast extends the blog and allows us to reach a wider audience. Episodes often feature autistic guests, speaking about their life experiences. 

Jan 31, 2022

The end of 2021 proved difficult, and 2022 isn’t off to a good start. Parental responsibilities once again derailed blogging and podcasting efforts. Pandemic parenting compounds the challenges of supporting our daughters. Despite our exhaustion, we have to keep the girls on track. This is yet another podcast episode...

Jan 4, 2022

Podcast Episode 0080, Season 5, Episode 11; 04 January 2022

Tracee Garner, author of Disability: An Anecdotal Field Guide for the Rest of Us

Tracee Garner is a case manager for a nonprofit, a prolific novelist, and a writing coach. She’s also a passionate self-advocate for the disabled. Tracee was diagnosed with...