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The Autistic Me blog launched in 2007. This podcast extends the blog and allows us to reach a wider audience. Episodes often feature autistic guests, speaking about their life experiences. 

Sep 28, 2021

A follower wrote: Do your children eat anything other than chicken nuggets? My child won’t eat fruits, vegetables, or most meats. It’s cereal, chips, and nuggets.

Susan and I are fortunate. The girls and I eat mostly healthy foods. Fruits, vegetables, roasted chicken, turkey, and most fish aren’t a problem. It...

Sep 15, 2021

Stop with the “Spoon Theory” metaphor. Allow me to choose my own metaphor for my lived experiences as an autistic with other disabilities. In this episode of The Autistic Me, I explain why cycling reminds me of life in general. Sharing the road with other people contributes to every cyclist’s anxiety. You never...